The garden occupies wet Botanicactus 50.000 m² and is dedicated to the vegetation that suggests tropical countries, a lake
10.000 m², The largest of the Balearic Islands, lawn, palms, bamboo jungles ... remember lost. 40.000 m², Surprising for its scenic desolation, the sense of desert is remarkable.
More 400 species and 12 cactus. 25.000 m² containing a representative sample of the native flora Mallorcan olives, pomegranates, almonds, pine, cypress, orange scented carob, eucalyptus ... The windmill, the barracks Roters, pergolas ... together form an image rewarding.
The botanical garden is one of the largest in the world and first in the Balearics. 150.000 m² bringing together more than 1.600 species and 15.000 copies.

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